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About Us

CMC is led by seasoned medical management executives with decades of experience in all areas of the healthcare space. Our principles have worked with health insurance companies, hospitals systems, healthcare and benefit consultants and the pharmaceutical industry. We draw on this tremendous amount of experience for our clients benefit.


Helping our clients build a world in which people have greater access to affordable and effective high quality healthcare.


To provide our healthcare clients with innovative medical management solutions that increase quality of care and profitability while eliminating redundancy and waste.

Our Philosophy

One of the most pressing challenges our country faces today is the rising cost of healthcare. Healthcare costs are expected to reach 20% of GDP in 2022 if the current trends continue. As a country we cannot afford to spend 1 in every 5 dollars on healthcare and remain economically prosperous.

At CMC our vision is to help our clients develop cost effective high quality healthcare models that allow easy access for all patients. We do this by assisting our clients in the development of medical management processes that drive cost down while increasing quality and access.

All of our products and services have a single overriding goal, to help our clients develop strong medical management processes that increase profitability and earnings while enabling them to provide cost effective, easily accessible, high quality care for their patients.

All of us in healthcare are here first and foremost to serve our patients, and at CMC we never lose sight of this fact while ensuring our clients are fairly compensated for the high quality care they provide.


  • "The Team at CMC have continued to be a tremendous asset to our denials management program. CMC has done outstanding work helping us mitigate losses as a result of managed care denials. Their team’s drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment."

    - Manager of integrated Patient Support Services
    Washington County Health System
  • "CMC has done an outstanding job of helping us mitigate losses as a result managed care denials. There are numerous examples of how they have gone above and beyond the call of duty…. to help us develop procedures to effectively capture information. CMC has been easy to work with and responsive to our needs, they have essentially become part of the Howard University Team. Without Hesitation we would recommend their services to other healthcare institutions."

    - CFO
    Howard University Hospital
  • "It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Case Management Covenants. For a number of years CMC has partnered with Doctors Community Hospital, handling all inpatient and out-patient high dollar denials. Within the first 12 months of service we saw a 15% improvement on our denial overturn rate. In addition Dr. Olaniyan from CMC has provided physician education to our medical staff to provide direction and council to further reduce future denials. Dr. Olaniyan’s direction and methods have been widely accepted by our medical staff."

    - Director of PFS
    Doctors Community Hospital
  • "Working with CMC has been a pleasure, the staff are friendly and we have been sending them denials for over ten years which has been effective in our denials recovery process."

    - Manager of Denials Recovery
    Meritus Medical Center
  • "Our multi-hospital health system is complex and data-driven. Case Management Covenants’ extensive experience, coupled with their detailed reporting, have assisted us in realizing our revenue cycle goals as they related to denials management."

    - University of Maryland Medical System
Or contact us directly via email: info@cmcovenants.com Or Phone: 410-715-4913